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I love this game! It's so atmospheric and spooky but without being overwhelming. I love the different genres of prompts, I was expecting spooky ghost activity but mixing in horrors from the ocean and your character's own mind adds so much good variety! I'm a few turns in with my first character and am excited to see how it ends!

Thank you so much! Can't wait to hear how the rest of your game goes. 

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I got this in the recent humble bundle and I'm preparing to play it! Super excited! I was just wondering: in the book you say each set of cards represents a week of your time, but then also that you roll a d6 to determine how many cards you draw per day. I was wondering when you roll a d6 for clearing the ghosts since it says you do it once per day: once for every day in that "week" or only once for each entire draw? Seems hard to clear 10 ghosts if it's once every entire draw you'll run out of cards fast! Or do you reshuffle any cards that don't say to discard them back in?

Thank you!

Hi there! Sorry for the confusion - yes, that is my error. Broadly speaking any TURN (roll a die, draw that many cards, play them out, roll a die again to see if you get a 5 or 6) is (or should be) referred to as a "week," but I do state in the text that time is kind of flexible there and that's more of a suggestion than an iron-clad rule. It's really up to you if that full turn is a day, a week, a month, whatever.

And yes, the idea is you roll that salvation die (as the Wretched & Alone framework calls it) at the end of each turn, but not at the end of each card. You are right that that makes clearing all 10 ghosts an unlikely outcome; that's the dirty secret of Wretched & Alone games. It is possible to survive (especially if you remove the Jenga tower), but extremely unlikely. These games are more about the journey than the destination, about finding meaning even in the face of futility.

You can reshuffle and keep going, but I would wait until all cards are spent before doing so.


Thank you so much! I can't wait to play :D


Great work! I really enjoyed it!


This is a great game with some strong paranormal elements.