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"Brother Ringwood sends another dispatch from his Travels across this great Continent, and this Manuscript promises to be most Illuminating. 

"There are so many places people have been but are no more, Weary Traveler. Too numerous to count, too Hidden to explore, too Forbidding to inventory -- until now. Herein you will find descriptions, aspects, and gathered Lore about these Forgotten Places that hint at what fates befell them -- and perhaps how deserved those Fates were.

"Roll the Dice and fill your Pack, Traveler. Brother Ringwood merely lights the Way; it is you who must make sense of what he has found."

Ringwood's Guide to the Forgotten Places of the Third Age is a Medieval Gothic Fantasy dice table for generating forsaken villages and ghost towns... and dark hints at what made them that way.

Pick up your dice and fill in the blanks, and you'll generate one of hundreds of potential forgotten places ranging from the blasphemous to the pious, and from the righteously punished to the tragic. What you find there and whether it saves or condemns you is up to your party.

Includes one 1-page PDF with dice table.

Content and layout by Ken Lowery.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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