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“Weary Traveler, you do not have to walk the huddled villages, towering cities and lonesome forests of the Third Age alone. Cast off the chains of the Patrons you know -- the old heretical gods, the mercurial Fey, the Nameless things that lurk in the Outer Dark – and pledge thine service and soul to one of the Consortium of venerated Saints who represent the link between the Mortal and the Divine.

The notorious and scholarly monk Brother Ringwood has compiled herein a list of Saintly aspects, Fools of Office, and Divine Gifts as reward for Service. Merely roll your instruments of chance (perhaps themselves a sign of Office?) to divine your Saintly Patron.

And may the Boons be worth the Price.”

Ringwood’s Guide to Saints of the Third Age is a Medieval Gothic Fantasy spin on traditional warlock patrons, focusing on the peculiar lore that pops up around saintly figures – and the strangle middle ground they occupy between old cultures and modern assimilation, between the mortal and the divine.

With a few simple dice rolls, this dice table can help you generate a unique Saint for your character to aspire to, receive rewards from, or simply fear. Hundreds of potential combinations await -- so take your chances and see what dark Saint lays claim to your soul.

Includes one 1-page PDF with dice table.

Content and layout by Ken Lowery.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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